Area: 800m2

Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Year of project 2018

Design team: Phuong Doan, Duc Vu, Cao Thi

Construction: Viet Le, Tan Vu, Huong Nguyen, Tung Le

Industrial: Media

Photo: Thien Thach photography

Our client gives a design requirement asking for a happy space for all the employees in their company. A brief description of the emotions when walking in the space. We have tried to meet those requirements by offering clear articulation of traffic, functionality, and the best inspiration for every employee. The new office of TAJ MEDIA Viet Nam’s called TAJ Space. In this space, we tried to play with all the function. Our client gave the concept for the name of every single corner in their office. As the way they call their CEO room by the name “Terrible room”, or they call the space for Project team is S.W.A.T Team. Interior design is carried out together with the transmission of more messages to people, showing clearly through the walls with content of graphic design. Beside the Big meeting room, we also provide a small team meeting area called a FISH TANK, a semi- transparence area which covered with glass, located next to reception area, as the way we want to show the meeting activities with everyone TAJ Space is a space for people who really care and share with one an other. This is a complex space where people work , share the joy and happiness that our clien really want, just like they call their openspace area by “Happyzone”.