Dplus Viet Nam

D+ Viet Nam architecture investment J S C

D+ Studio is an interior and architectual design brand of D+ Viet Nam Architecture Investment joint stock company

We always focus on the feeling that brought to customers while using each product design, and moreover we are always on the side of people who used them
to think about the designing space .

taxcode: 0106850575
contact: 04.66506633
email: phuong.doan@dplusvn.com

1- Doan Phuong

Phuong Doan

Principal Architect – Founder

Lâm Bình

Graphic designer

Thi Cao

Concept Architect| Project manager

An Phạm

Technical manager

Đức Vũ

Concept Architect

Đình Tùng

Concept Architect

Thảo Nguyễn

Concept Architect

Fan Trung

Concept Architect

Hải Trần

Concept Architect

Toàn Bùi

Concept Architect

Nguyệt Hoàng

Concept Architect

Thắng Vương

Design Architect

Yến Nguyễn

Design Architect

Hải Nguyễn

Site Engineer

Hạnh Bùi

Design Architect

Hoa Nguyễn

QS Engineer

Duy Nguyễn

Principal Architect| Design manager

Hương Nguyễn

Information manager| Project manager

Dũng Nguyễn

Building Section manager

Mai Trần

QS Engineer

Cường Nguyễn

M&E Manager

Long Hà

Project manager

Hường Lê


Huy Nguyễn

Design Architect

Long Đinh

Design Architect

Như Hoàng