Established in 2015, we are making our mark in the market and becoming one of the prestigious brands in the interior design and architecture field.

To continue the adventure to find our better version, we decided to change the brand identity, a milestone for the next phase of development.

1. DPLUS Vietnam and our expectations.

DPlus Vietnam, this new name reflects our great expectations of development in the future. 

We changed our name to reposition ourselves in the market – a workspace design and build expert from Vietnam. We determine our responsibility as companions with companies by designing and building spaces that provide special values for each client. In every project, we try to create optimal spaces with the best experience to inspire our users.

DPlus Việt Nam

Dplus Vietnam is growing up strongly 

Now, DPlus has a new branch in Ho Chi Minh city, which has proved our sharp upcoming development. With two branches, we believe that not only expanding in Vietnam but we are also cherishing plans to go global and affirm ourselves. 

We only changed the brand name (from D+ Studio to DPlus) while keeping the original colour and “D+” symbol in our logo. The core values are preserved completely, the changes are not too many differences which will still stay familiar to our clients. We improve and upgrade ourselves to be suitable for the demand of the market and our strategy.

logo DPlus Việt Nam

Logo DPLUS Vietnam

3. The inspiration from space

Space and people, there is always an interactive connection. Space is not a box and interior design is not an arranged activity purely. Both are connected by experiences and creativity. Although creations are varied, “Create to Inspire” is what we chose for our new slogan

plus is aspiring to become a famous Vietnamese interior design and build a brand in the world, we believe this change is momentum for strong growth in the near future. Brand identity change means that we have a new appearance with higher enthusiasm and more confidence to continue creating spaces that can spread inspiration and positive energy to our clients.

We are ready for the next step to go global and create inspiring better experience spaces. How about you?

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